Monday, June 24, 2013


I've dropped out of touch from this blog for a few weeks, and it occurred to me that I should say why that has happened.

Certainly, going back to work was a factor.

But the bigger reason was that I had suddenly become very inspired to finish the rewrites on the book I was working on—so inspired, in fact, that I spent pretty much every free moment for the last three weeks doing so.

To be honest, I have never in my life felt so great about writing anything before. It was, in the words of Abraham Maslow, a "peak experience."

And in the process, I re-evaluated my priorities.

I cannot dedicate my life to putting out a regular blog, working, and giving my all to my writing. I just don't have enough time to do all that, and have quality time left over to live any sort of life.

I have enjoyed blogging, and I will still put out posts here and there. I have a lot to teach others about blogging, and a lot to contribute content-wise for subject matters I feel deserve more of a spotlight.

But is my best contribution right now yet another blog about comic books and "geek" culture? I mean, one could say "well we need more women out there talking about this stuff"—but is that in itself a motivation that is enough to sustain me anymore? A gender-based prerogative?

I feel like there are far more foundational issues surrounding this subculture at present than can be tidily summed up in a series of Blogger posts. Are the points I want to make best served anymore in a blog format?

Then there is the issue of the future of the Blog as we know it. I'm currently working on an ancient blogging platform; one that I know Google could, at any second, give me a three-month notice on to transfer my posts or watch them get flushed down the Internet hole. I feel no sense of permanence regarding my personal blogs. I anticipate that at some point in the nearish future, I will have to deal with losing the (admittedly, free) platforms upon which they are built.

I think the future of blogging will be divided up between "Micro-Blogging" (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.) and long-form works for tablets and e-readers. So I don't know if investing in these current longish but not long-form posts are really the best use of my time right now.

Another issue is the future of blogging about "Geek"/"Nerd" topics in general. This is the Titanic of Internet/Entertainment trends. It's jumped the shark with the Man of Steel rage posts. It's jumped the shark with the commodification and reappropriation of the sub-culture for mass-market consumption. It's jumped the shark in the recent upsurge in anti-woman tirades across a spectrum of genres and fandoms.

And, while I appreciate the excitement over the upcoming Star Wars movies, that will be the final fork in the turkey; the actual "geek/nerd" contingent left behind, running after the helicopter like in the "The Killing Fields."


So this is a big topic I would love to expand on—in a book. Or long-form series of essays.

But I am going to spend the bulk of my free time right now on just writing. Perfecting my craft, getting every story I want to tell down on paper, etc. That's really what I want to do, and, as we discover in Ze Frank's "The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)," we all only have a finite amount of time to do stuff like that.

So I'm doing it.

I will be doing more regular micro-blogging on various platforms, and I will drop the occasional post here. And I will be publishing stuff soon, so if you are interested you can watch for that.

So, anyway...